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Now We're Talking, Unexpected Radio, brings people with diverse perspectives together to generate collective wisdom and create a world that works for all.


Each theme spans as many shows as needed:

  • to include all perspectives
  • to explore and identify underlying issues and values
  • to call on experts to help us understand each theme's complexities
  • to find our common ground and utilize our diversity
  • to demonstrate our collective capacity to solve any problem
  • to evoke our collective wisdom and generate wise solutions that work for everyone.
We use music, poetry and stories to enrich our shows.

We feature real life examples of people, systems and solutions from around the country and the world.

Our guests, regional correspondents and reporters are real people participating in vital conversations worthy of our times. Play a Part...


  • Democracy: Who's in Charge?
  • Health Care: Right or Privilege?
  • Technology: Servant or Master?
  • Education: Soar or Survive?
  • Business Ethics: Oxymoron?
  • Religion/Spirituality/Atheism/Science: Uniting or Dividing?
  • Relationships: What's the alternative?
  • Media: Whose media? Whose message?
  • Planet Earth
  • Prison System

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