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In her own words:
"I have lived in places as diverse as Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Hollywood Hills, an Air Force Base for a brief time during the Vietnam War, and San Francisco, California. Being immersed in cultures where ideologies have a strong influence on personal beliefs has given me a birds' eye view of what all people have in common and how our stories, and language, can unite us or divide us.

The richness of my professional life has informed me as well. I've had the privilege of working with and learning from people with different lifestyles and backgrounds - such as Paul Dolan, then Prsident of Fetzer Vineyards, and the inner city high school students I taught.

In my personal life I have recognized that conflict can be a catalyst for growth, authenticity, and an ongoing discovery of my deeper humanity as well as an undeniable connection to the whole.

These life experiences fan the flame of a natural passion for bringing people together in order to discover solutions for the challenges we face in the world today."


  • 2007: Host of the radio show, Now We're Talking, in San Francisco, CA.
  • 1998 - 2006: Executive Director of the Gangaji Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to peace.
  • 1984 - 1997: Founding principal of Pfaelzer Communications. The company specialized in supporting organizational leaders in bringing their visions into reality and implementing effective interpersonal communications systems and strategies within organizations to creating sustainable, innovative, results-oriented environments. Clients included Fetzer Vineyards, Bank of America, Pacific Bell and other outstanding organizations.
  • 1982 - 1983: Sales Manager for the Michael Thomas Corporation, mentored by Michael Gerber, author of the best selling book, The E-Myth.
  • Board of Directors of Ahuma Institute. Her past board positions include: The Gangaji Foundation; National Speakers Association, Northern California Chapter; National Society of Performance and Instruction, Wine Country Chapter.


  • 1992: Received the Vendor of the Year Award from Fetzer Vineyards.
  • 1985: Highlighted in INC Magazine as part of an article on successful San Francisco Bay Area Entrepreneurs.
  • 1985: Featured in a special edition of Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • 1985: Featured in San Francisco Business Magazine.
  • 1975: Received a first-of-its-kind award for Exceptional Leadership from Dr. Frederick Todd, Principal of Lincoln High School in Dallas, Texas.


"During my twenty-five years of work experience - much of it corporate in New York - I have met many capable and even brilliant people; Lyn is the best leader I have ever worked with. Not only can she efficiently manage multiple projects with numerous people, she does it with creativity, kindness and a sense of humor. She is a mentor to the people who work for her, gently guiding them and training them to fulfill their potential. She is a wonderful communicator: articulate, direct and to the point. At the same time, she listens deeply to others, not only understanding their issues but also coming up with solutions that serve everyone.

People trust her, respect her and are inspired by her. Never preachy, she teaches by example...always walking her talk. More than intelligent, Lyn is wise. In a different age, she would be a respected elder, guiding an entire community. I consider myself lucky to have worked with her, and hope to work with her again - in any capacity. But more importantly, I am grateful for her friendship, for I have never met anyone with such heart."
-Despina Gurlides

"Your seminars were highly anticipated events for our participants, who consistently gave you the highest possible score for preparation, knowledge and enthusiasm."
-Bank of America

"Watching Lyn interact with people is pure magic. Time and again I've seen her effortlessly open the doors to individual and group creativity, creating a space in which inhibitions and obstacles dissove and raw inspiration suddenly bursts forth. The value of her work for both companies and individuals is immeasurable!"
-Shanti Einolander

"I worked for Lyn for 6 years. She created a work environment I never dreamed was possible. Her brilliant leadership inspires and empowers others to become leaders themselves. With her deep integrity, caring and incredible people skills, she creates an environment of creativity and openness that not only allows ingenious problem solving and visionary approaches to managing the work, but makes it a joy to come to work."
-Sam Vittoria

"What a superb job Pfaelzer Communications did in pulling off the impossible. There clearly has occurred the genesis of a great relationship between your company and ours."
-Sola Optical

Lyn Bazzell